Tips For Buying Auto Insurance the First Time

Buying car insurance for the first time is a scary situation. After all, you are buying a contract, and any sort of binding contract makes us nervous and with good reason! But buying car insurance is a relatively painless procedure, and if you follow these tips, your first time buying auto insurance will be nothing to be afraid of.

Background Research

The best way a novice can overcome the fear of first-time auto insurance buying is through education. When you know all of the different types out there, and what the average quotes are, you don’t have to second-guess your decisions. Get car insurance quotes online, and research the confusing terminology you might find in your insurance manual. One good way to do research is by talking to a friend or family member in the insurance industry, and see what they’re advice is.

Assess the Coverage You Need

Take a good look at your car, and ask yourself what it is your car is going to need. If your vehicle is old, you might need towing coverage. If there are several drivers in your home, you will need additional coverage to add these drivers. Is your car owned by a lien holder? If so, you will probably be required to have extra coverage or a higher premium. Once you’ve assessed the car, you need to look at your finances to see what a realistic expectation is for the month. Your typical monthly car insurance costs should vary between $300-800.

Comparison Shopping

The difference in price within a company for the same plan is huge, even bigger are the differences in price between auto insurance companies. You need to do a thorough price comparison of different plans within a company and between companies in order to get the deal that’s right for you. A few years ago, this would have been an enormous choir that would have required the services of an independent insurance agent, but nowadays, there are several on-line sites available which can help you comparison shop for the best auto insurance in your area. Remember, however, that price isn’t everything. A lot of times with auto insurance, what you’re paying for is contract flexibility. You might be unhappy with your insurance and want additional coverage, or you may want to take away a costly bit of coverage that you don’t need.

Once you’ve found a policy that works within your budget, then jump in with both feet!

Search for Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes and Don’t Break the Bank With A Car Insurance Company

When it comes to getting your car insured, you will hear people talking about rates that are over a hundred dollars a month. If you are like most, that is extremely high, almost to the point of unaffordable. It does not have to be this way. What many big name insurance companies do not tell you is the fact there are many ways to get cheaper car insurance. Searching on the internet for cheap auto insurance quotes is an indirect way to find affordable and cheaper auto insurance companies.

When you have a teenage child, purchasing a car (new or used) will entail getting that vehicle insured. Many parents require the teen to pay for the additional insurance, as it can cause an additional burden on the family finances. Some families will even choose to put the child on a separate insurance so their own rates will not go up. There are, however, many ways to offset the additional cost making it so keeping your family safe will not break the bank.


One of the best ways to lower the car insurance bill is by accumulating discounts. Families that add the child and car onto their plan will discover they are eligible for a multi-car discount. If the child is a good driver, with no traffic infractions, then that will further drive down the rate of the car insurance premiums. Finally, as an additional incentive to keep grades above a C, students will be eligible for an additional good student discount on many insurance plans. If your agent does not tell you about it, ask them. If they do not offer it, consider a different company.

Car Details

Unbelievably, the vehicle you purchase will determine the premiums charged. While this no longer includes the color, it does include the make and model. What is taken into consideration with insurance premiums is the price of the car, the style of the vehicle (sports cars), and if the vehicle is a model that is commonly stolen.

You can combat those insurance premium hikes, however. First, you can purchase a used car. The older cars will have lower premiums, just as your insurance premiums drop as your car ages. Secondly, you can install anti-theft devices in your vehicle. Devices such as On Star will help recover your vehicle if it is stolen, and insurance companies are less likely to be out money. If you park the car in a garage, then you will want to make sure that you tell the insurance company that. Vehicles that are protected from the elements and in a locked location are less likely to be damaged or stolen.

Finally, with the addition of safety devices on the car, you will see insurance rates drop. Air bags and seat belts should all work, and ones that automatically lock when you close the door are ideal. This requires the driver to be buckled in, which will help them remain safer in the event of an accident. Studies have shown that fewer people die as the result of an automobile accident when they are properly restrained and the air bags deploy.


A teenager can lower their insurance premiums by simply taking a driver’s education course through a licensed school and complete a defensive driving course. You will want to make sure you have documentation showing that the child has completed the courses successfully, in order to have little problem receiving the discounts. Again, if your current insurance company does not offer benefits for taking courses, you will want to reconsider whom your car insurance is through.

Teens that are learning how to drive will make mistakes. It is just like anything that you learn. These mistakes, however, can be costly when it comes to vehicle insurance. Restricting the amount the teen drives until they are more experienced is a way to help them reduce the number of accidents. In addition, the fewer miles put on the vehicle will cause the insurance rate to be lower.

What you have on your car insurance will reflect how much you pay. If you wish to lower your car insurance premium, be willing to pay a little more if there is an accident. If the vehicle is too old to be worth anything in the event of a wreck, remove the collision and comprehensive coverage. Make sure that you are aware of your vehicle’s worth prior to making these changes, as some cars may be worth more than you think.

Age of Man

How long does a human being live? The Bible says “threescore years and ten” are the allotted life of man, and that means seventy years, because a score is twenty. The Bible also tells of men who lived nine hundred years or more (and the oldest of them, Methuselah, lived 969 years), but there is no record that men ever lived to ages like that or anything near it at any other time. The average age to which men live has been going up steadily for years, as medical science has developed new ways of treat­ing disease and preventing illness from killing people at early ages.

The aver­age age to which people live in the United States is now 65 years; only forty or fifty years ago it was from 45 to 48 years. That is a decided increase, but it does not mean the oldest people today are any older than were the oldest people of a hundred or five hundred or a thou­sand years ago. The average goes up be­cause fewer people die young. If a baby of a few months dies, and a man of al­most seventy dies, you get the average by adding their ages together and divid­ing by two, so the two of them have died at an average age of 35. Far fewer babies and children and young men and women die now than they used to, and that has sent the average up. A man who lives to be 100 years old or more is just as rare today as he ever was. Women live longer than men. For some reason, their bodies seem better able to resist diseases, and not so many women wear themselves out with worry and overwork as do men in the frantic life of this century.

The average life of women is more than 67 years, and the average age of men is only 63 years, and that is what makes the average age of all human beings, men and women to­gether, 65 years. In most other countries of the world, the average age is not as high as it is in the United States. For example, in India, where there is not enough food to keep everyone healthy and in good condition, and not enough doctors and drugs to keep diseases from spreading, the aver­age age is not much more than half of what it is in the United States-31 years. The low average is partly caused by the fact that so many babies die. Many more mothers die in childbirth too, as they used to in all countries until ways were found to prevent infection.

Is Insurance a Consideration When Siting a Caravan?

Chester Cooke was excited by the prospect of buying a caravan on the banks of the River Avon, not far from Stratford, on a professionally run, well maintained and gorgeous site with lots of amenities. Being a diligent kind of chap, he looked into all of the potential issues, after all you can’t be too careful with the thick end of twenty grand plus annual service charges, which didn’t include insurance for some reason.

He phoned his broker and asked about caravan insurance who told him that there shouldn’t be any problem and the broker would be delighted to give Chester a quote. Chester gave the broker details about the type, value and size of the caravan and where it would be situated.

A few minutes later the broker called him back. Unfortunately he would not be able to give Chester a quote for the caravan insurance. Although the caravan site met all the normal criteria, there was a problem with the beauty spot itself. It was on the banks of the river, right at the water edge, and the Avon had flooded last year. Chester remembered seeing the reports on the news. Apparently there had been lots of claims for flood damage and insurers were unwilling to write any new caravan insurance for sites on the banks of the Avon. If he was going to buy a caravan there, it would be at his own risk.

This was deal breaking news. It was highly likely that the Avon would flood again at sometime in the future and Chester couldn’t afford to take on a caravan without insurance. He asked his broker about these other “normal criteria” of caravan sites that he should look for if he was going ahead with his plan to buy a caravan.

Ideally the site should be a registered CaSSOA site. There are insurance discounts for these because they have minimum standards of security. If the caravan is to be sited more informally, on a farm for instance, the caravans on the farm should be in their own compound with a defined perimeter. Some insurers insist that there are a minimum number of caravans on the site, safety in numbers as it were. Finally Chester should look for a site with good security, a mature hawthorn hedge or palisade fencing marking the boundaries.

Chester hadn’t thought that insurance would be such an important consideration when he was buying his caravan. He was grateful that he had a knowledgeable broker who could give him all this education and he was definitely going to check it all out again before finally taking the plunge and buying a caravan. After all, he just wanted to enjoy his caravan and the insurance was only to take the worry out of the ownership.

Tips For Writing News Pieces

The intro of a news story should not be more than 25 words. It should be powerful enough to get the eyes of the reader. It is very important that the intro should gain the reader’s attention so that the reader will want to read the news story. The intro should be in a problem/ solution combination. It should contain a brief highlighted problem with a brief solution in the news story. For example, thousands of asthma patients can have a relief after the new drug has been approved by the NHS.

The second and third paragraphs of the news story must contain a lot of key facts such as What, When, How, Why, Who, etc.

The fourth and fifth paragraphs should contain a quote from the major part of the story. These paragraphs should contain an opinion or a comment. It should not contain any factual quote from the main source of the story. For example, Mr. John said; “This is outrageous. They are ruining this highway. They should clean it up right away.”

Then comes the secondary quotes, it should be quoted in long news pieces. This will give a balance to the story. For an example, if you making a news story about a new asthma drug that has been launched in the market, you should include the voices from a variety of sources which can include, scientists, patients, GP’s, drug companies, etc. The quotes from these sources can be directly or indirectly. Direct quotes can be for example Mr. John said:”…………………”. Indirect quotes are for example -Mr. John said the drug is very effective against asthma and has been tested to give fruitful results. Indirect quotes are the lines which the reporter paraphrases the lines of the source as if they have told them.

Some Quotes About Attitude To Inspire You

Most probably you have heard the phrase ‘attitude is everything’. I could not agree more with it. It makes you and it breaks you. You form your attitude and then your attitude shapes you and rules you. Some people wonder why they behave as they do. The answer is very simple; their attitudes make them behave this or that way. They cannot simply change their behavior to solve the problem. They need to change their attitude in each separate case and a change of behavior will follow naturally. Why? Because our attitude is ‘the cause’ and our behavior is ‘the consequence’. In the article I want to give you a few inspirational quotes about attitude to show how important our attitude is.

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference” by Winston Churchill. Attitude like a seed seems to be insignificant till it is sown in the soil. As it takes time for a seed to grow, in the same manner it takes time for an attitude to shape your character and bring forth fruits. It does not happen over a night or a week. Some consequences of this or that attitude of yours can only be seen after a year or even later. However, if you keep to your attitude, results will surely come, whether good or bad. So, you might be standing at crossroads today thinking whether it is worthwhile to start changing it if it takes so much time for things to change. I can assure you that it is really worth it. It will make a big difference. Just don’t give up.

“He who has so little knowledge of human nature as to seek happiness by changing anything but his own disposition will waste his life in fruitless efforts” by Samuel Johnson. Happiness starts inside. In fact, it is your decision to be happy or not. Watch yourself when you want something so much and you think that you will become very happy when you get it. What happens when you do get it? Your happiness lasts for a few days, in some cases for a few weeks and then you come back to where you have been before getting the thing. Things will never satisfy you, nor make you happy. They do not have any power to do it. It is your attitude towards life and everything that happens in it makes you happy or miserable. Why not choose to be happy?

“Just because you are miserable does not mean that you cannot enjoy life” by Annette Goodheart. Sounds ambiguous, doesn’t it? However, it is true. We cannot trust our feelings, because they are very changeable and cause us to be happy one day and the next day feel miserable for the smallest of reasons. You should find something more reliable to trust. That more reliable thing is your decision and your attitude to enjoy life whether you feel like it or not. Attitude brings stability when feelings always lack it. Be sure to build your life on something that does not change every day. Good luck in changing your attitude.

Factors You Can Control When Looking For Rate Quotes

There are a number of factors that affect the rate you will have to pay for insurance. Looking at them, even if you are not able to change them or choose not to do so, can help you examine a quote to get the lowest rate possible. These factors include: age, gender, location, marital status, and accident and ticket records. Obviously, not all these factors will be something you are able or willing to change.

Location of where your vehicle is garaged is one of the biggest factors in determining costs. Often a difference of only a few miles can make a significant difference, sometimes as much as a few hundred dollars difference. So, if it is possible to move your location, you could save. If you don’t plan or desire to move, you can check different companies to find one that does not have a high penalty for location.

Another major factor affecting rates is your accident and ticket record. Though you cannot change a current record, you can work toward improving you record in the future. Adopting a new, safer driving style can help in the future. Again, looking for a company that doesn’t have such a high penalty for this factor can help save you money if this is a negative factor for you.

Age and gender are factors you can’t do much about. Thus, it is best to either find a company that doesn’t impose as large a penalty for them, or find different discounts the company offers that can help offset the higher cost based on these factors. Be assertive in looking for discounts, and in asking what discounts might be available that may not be advertised but are available to some policyholders.

Another factor you could change, and may choose to do so, though preferably not just for the price advantage, is your marital status. Single policyholders generally have higher premium costs. So, if you are planning a wedding, be sure to request the new lower rate you are entitled to. If you don’t wish or plan to get married in the near future, again, look for a company that doesn’t penalize so highly for being single.

Examining factors affecting rates for Alabama auto insurance and looking at different discounts available helps you get the lowest rate possible. It is possible, and highly desirable, to compare rates and available discounts between different companies. This helps you pay the least amount possible for the same coverage.

Afghanistan Cities

There are several big cities, and Ka­bul, the capital of the country, has a population of 300,000, with a university, and a college of arts. But only one family out of twelve lives in a city. (In the United States, more than half the people live in cities.) It is only the peo­ple in the cities who ever see books or newspapers, but somehow any impor­tant news soon spreads all over the coun­try, through the chiefs of the tribes. Though Afghanistan has laws that ap­ply to all the people, the farmers in the villages and the nomads wandering through the country are ruled in most matters by the chiefs of their tribes.

There isn’t much “fun,” as the Amer­ican would think of fun, for either grown-ups or children. No television, no movies; and radio broadcasts are for the few people in the cities, because the farmers and shepherds don’t have radio sets. But children love to hear the vil­lage “story-teller” read or tell stories, often playing on a stringed instrument like a guitar as he does so. what kind of place it is Most of the people of Afghanistan live in the central part of the country, on level plains with rivers running through them and high mountains rising on all sides. Some of these mountains, the Hindu Kush range on the eastern bor­der, are among the highest in the world.

On the plains, where the farming is done, there is a “rainy season” from December to April, but even during this season there is very little rain. At other times there is no rain at all and the temperature often goes as high as 120°, which is higher than it ever gets in the United States, except in desert regions like Death Valley. The farmers have to depend on the melting snows running down from the mountains in three important rivers, the Amu Darya, the Kabul, and the Helmand. From these the farmers get enough water for their fields. On the slopes of the mountains, the shepherds tend their flocks of sheep. Here it is sometimes very hot, often

Computer Internet Security – 6 Step Plan of Action

Stop procrastinating! You probably have thought about ways to enhance your computer Internet security, but for one reason or another have kept putting it off. Time to get serious and take some affirmative action. These 6 steps are just what you need to get started.

Step 1: Identify Potential Threats

In order to create an effective plan of action, it is essential the you identify potential threats. This includes not only ways that your confidential information on your computer could be accessed illegally without your knowledge, but also where the threats may come from. Generally we think of the nameless hackers lurking in cyberspace just waiting for the opportunity to invade our computer and create havoc. While this may be the most common danger, there are also more intimate people around you such as casual friends, business associates, friends of friends, or even associates of family members, who if given the chance could gain access to your computer and obtain some confidential information such as bank account numbers, credit card information, and other private data. The point here is that you should take steps to ensure computer security from potential threats both within your sphere of influence as well as beyond.

Step 2: Computer Lock Down

One of the easiest steps, and the most overlooked by most users, is to simply lock the computer when not in use. Whether using your computer at home or even your business computer at work, you should never leave your computer running unattended for any length of time without having some sort of locking system in place. Most computer operating systems such as Windows do have this feature enabled for when you first start up your computer, however often users leave their computer running unattended which means anyone can sit down and have access to it. Therefore it is important to have another layer of security to protect your confidential files when your computer system is actually running. This means having both a good password to lock you computer from unauthorized access, along with different passwords to protect files you want to keep private. Use a combination of letters and numbers, both upper and lower case letters for the best protection. Never use common every day items like birthdays, kids or pet names, telephone numbers etc., as these are just too risky if the computer hacker knows you personally.

Step 3: Disconnect

No computer Internet security software or firewall system can be considered 100% safe under all circumstances, day after day. With new forms of malware such as viruses being invented each and every day, there is always a chance, perhaps very slim, that your current computer security could be breached. There is a 100% solution to online threats that is rarely considered by most computer users which is actually free and very easy to do. Simply disconnect your Internet connect from your modem when not using your computer. This physical break in the path from the Internet into your computer will solve any type of online threat that currently exists.

Step 4: Onboard Security

It is amazing how many computer users today still ignore the need for good quality computer protection in the form of well respected computer Internet security software. Either they are totally naive and believe the myth “it will never happen to me” or they run on the cheap, and figure that the basic malware and spyware protection and the firewall provided with their operating system is good enough. Others will take things one step further and download some free PC internet security software thinking that this is as good as the paid version. Hello? There is a reason why it is free! You generally get what you pay, or do not pay for, in terms of computer Internet security. This is not to say that the basic security settings of your operating system and some e-mail programs, web browsers, and applications should be ignored! These should be activated to add yet another level of protection for your computer against outside threats.

Step 5: Prepare for the Unexpected

With all the concern about hackers breaking into your computer, physically or online, people often overlook the less sensational dangers to their computer system such as power surges or spikes and hardware malfunction. Any of these can destroy or corrupt important files and even make your onboard security useless. Therefore it is wise to use a good quality power surge protector that will guard against unexpected spikes in electricity which could fry your computer components and damage your hard drive containing your data files. If you are really concerned about these kinds of dangers there are battery system backups that you can use that will automatically protect against power surges as well as power outages and allow you to save data and shutdown your computer normally to avoid corrupting any files.

Step 6: Backup Important Data

Anyone familiar with computers generally knows or has heard at least one story of someone who lost everything in an instant when their computer’s hard drive suddenly and without warning… CRASHED! If you do not regularly backup important data files containing confidential personal information or even information that has a sentimental value to you and your family, then it is like playing a game of “Russian Roulette”. It is only a matter of time until this happens as computer hard drives are not built to last forever. Sometimes a good computer techie can still access a failed hard drive and save the contents to a different hard drive, and sometimes not. Can you afford to take this chance? External hard drives or “zip drives” are very affordable these days and can hold huge amounts of information, in most cases the entire contents of your hard drive, and offer an easy solution as well as “piece of mind” knowing that you have your important data saved in another place should your hard drive fail. Just remember to backup on a regular basis! Depending upon the value of our data and how often changes are made to it, you may need to backup monthly, weekly or even daily.

There is no time like the present to start taking the necessary steps to create a plan of action to help improve your computer Internet security. Tomorrow may be too late!

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Small Business Insurance Quotes

Business insurance covers workers compensation, general liability, business, auto and property insurance. There are types of business insurance, the big and small business. They may cover different insurance in different types of businesses. You may need something about a small business insurance quote for the benefits of you and you’re your company.

To put up this kind of business, you have to apply on small business insurance. To do this, you have to understand what the insurance may cover for you. To find an insurance quote, the following should be considered:

• You have to know the kind of your small business because there are companies that may reject your kind of business you want to open.

• Specify the building and address where you will be situated. You have to state the location if it is a private or commercial location. If the location is a commercial office, then you have to consider the following queries.

– The total area

– How old is the building

– Types of occupant of the building

• If your production uses chemicals, you have to specify where the chemicals are stored. If you think of is a mobile service, indicate where the mobile is to be parked

• Description of your business: when it started, annual income (projected and current income), and the number of employees and their nature of work.

• If you have a vehicle production, you have to register a name, license number, drivers’ license for the employee and provide other information.

• The insurance usually covers health, disability, life, property, general liability and interruption insurance, and workers’ compensation.

• When buying insurance, you don’t have to think that it is an additional expense but it is part of it that provides protection in your company. alicevbheatherta alicevbheatherta aliceananabinar aliceananabinar katherinehjjudith katherinehjjudith Agustus stable Edu